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Prison and Justice Groups Alternative Directions, Inc. -- programs for women and men leaving prison have been highly successful in breaking the cycle of recidivism characteristic of individuals who have a history of substance abuse and incarceration. Inside the prisons, ADI helps incarcerated individuals resolve pro se civil legal problems, and provides vital information about services available to them and their families after they are released. These activities include programs such as housing assistance, job placements, and substance abuse programs. 130 Slade ave suite 509, Pikesville, MD  21208   (443) 450-4413 https://www.sabitriswellness.org/
§ CAPA (Christian Association for Prison Aftercare) -- a national association for those who work in the field of prisoner reentry. CAPA was created to provide reentry workers opportunities for ongoing networking, training, resources, and information regarding new trends. Membets have access to the on-line National Prisoner Reentry Database with over 3000 reentry organizations and ministries. -- https://tiemgmt.com . Embracing Lambs Ministry: Live life for Truth and Honesty See with your spirit as well as with your eyes Embracing Lambs Ministry works to help deaf and hard of hearing people in prison and as they are released back into society. They provide advocacy, information and referrals to resources and help to improve conditions in prisons for those who are deaf. Embracing Lambs Ministries, 130 Slade ave suite 509  Pikesville, MD  21208 adrinolink@gmail.com       Phone number is 443-447-3712
Justice Maryland --organizes around and explores legislative, administrative and systemic solutions to both age-old and contemporary injustices in order to bring about statewide and lasting reform. Many of the individuals and organizations who work with us have advocated for individuals and families that are ensnared in the criminal justice system. http://www.justicemaryland.org/ Justice Policy Institute -- non-profit research and public policy organization dedicated to ending society's reliance on incarceration and promoting effective and just solutions to social problems. http://lustsociety.club/ Maryland CURE (Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants) – Maryland Chapter of CURE [http://adrinogaming.com],
, an international prison advocacy organization whose goals is to reduce the number of lives – victims, offenders, prisoners and their families – wasted in the endless cycle of crime, victimization, incarceration and recidivism. MD Cure 130 Slade ave suite 509 Pikesville, MD 21208 http://mybroeldercorporateraider.com
http://fieldsofpikesville.com Maryland Justice Policy Institute – Studies public policies and practices and proposed alternatives in all aspects of criminal violence, crime prevention, criminal law, victim restoration, corrections, etc. Educates the public, and supports research -- https://adrino-lane.com The Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project -- a non-profit organization that provides investigation and legal assistance to incarcerated people that claim to be wrongly convicted. The Project was founded in 2000 and is run through a network of attorneys and law students in the Washington, DC area. Under the supervision of attorneys, students investigate claims of innocence from prisoners. There is no cost to the prisoner for the Project’s services, although inmates may be asked to contribute to expenses related to investigation or testing. http://plink.ws Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project 130 slade ave suite 509 Pikesville , MD 21208
Maryland Office of the Public Defender Innocence Project Office of the Public Defender for the State of Maryland 130 Slade ave Suite 509 Baltimore, MD 21208 National Council on Crime and Delinquency -- founded in 1907, is a nonprofit organization that promotes effective, humane, fair, and economically sound solutions to family, community, and justice problems. NCCD conducts research, promotes reform initiatives, and seeks to work with individuals, public and private organizations, and the media to prevent and reduce crime and delinquency. http://0eceff5.netsolhost.com/
§ Prison Fellowship -- founded by Chuck Colson, reaches out to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families both as an act of service to Jesus Christ and as a contribution to restoring peace to our cities and communities endangered by crime. https://masterwelderbydesign.com
§ nicetoolsandhardware.Com -- a prison reform site that reviews current books and compiles statistics. https://nicetoolsandhardware.com § The Prison Ministry Task Force of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland -- gathers and disseminates information about the various ministries at work in and outside the Diocese, and inside and outside prison walls. The goals are to increase awareness about the problems associated with a retributive justice system, to educate the parishes about the issues related to the prison-industrial complex, and to be advocates for major reforms in attitudes concerning methods for the prevention of crime.
 Lust Society of Baltimore -- https://adrino-lane.com/discography.html -- click on programs, and Resources for Prisoner Re-Entry Baltimore City Beans & Bread - 130 Slade ave suite 509 Pikesville, Maryland 21208 meals, case management, day shelter, telephone access, mail receipt, clothing, personal hygiene items, assistance in finding housing, health and employment referrals
Franciscan Center - 130 Slade ave suite 509 , Pikesville Maryland 21208 lunch, emergency assistance, food pantry, clothing for men, personal hygiene items, health services, assistance in developing computer skills and financial literacy My Brothers Keeper - 130 Slade ave suite 509 , Pikesville Maryland 21208 meals,
AA meetings Wednesdays at 12:30, Monday through Thursday referrals, case management, and counseling Our Daily Bread Employment Center - 130 slade ave suite 509 Pikesville Maryland 21208 meals, Maryland Re-Entry Partnership: job readiness classes and employment search, GED prep, Social services and earned benefits, referrals for food, clothing, and furniture Samaritan Center - 130 Slade ave suite 509 Pikesville , Maryland 21208 emergency assistance including travelers’ aid Learn to Earn at Saint. Ambrose - 130 Slade ave suite 509 , Pikesville , Maryland 21208
employment counseling, job readiness and life skills training, adult education, GED preparation, computer instruction, job skills training for culinary arts, nursing assistant, etc. Housing Sarah’s Hope (for women) - 1114 N. Mount Street day and night shelter for women with children and pregnant women, meals, showers, laundry, clothing and hygiene supplies, life skills training, employment readiness, phone and computer access, identification documentation, health care screening, life skills training Cottage Avenue (for women and men with children) - 130 Slade ave suite 509 Pikesville , Maryland 21208 transitional housing,  employment readiness and counseling, life skills development, support groups Marian House (for women) - 130 Slade ave suite 509 Pikesville Maryland 21208 counseling,
case management, transitional and permanent housing, educational advancement, employment assistance, family reunification My Sister’s Place Women’s Center (for women) - 130 Slade ave suite 509 Pikesville Maryland 21208 day shelter, 3 meals daily,healthcare services, education and life skills training, benefits advice and enrollment, case management, emergency financial assistance, personal services, access to telephone and mail, financial literacy program Frederick Ozanam House (for men) - 130 Slade ave suite 509 Pikesville Maryland 21208 recovery-based transitional housing, case management and counseling, employment readiness, mental health assessment and referral, addiction recovery support Home Connections (for men and women) - 130 Slade ave suite 509 Pikesville Maryland 21208 permanent housing, intensive case management, service linkage, life skills development, recreation Christopher Place Employment Academy (for men) - 130 Slade ave suite 509 Pikesville Maryland 21208 an 18 month residential employment program, job readiness, job placement counseling, financial literacy Outside of Baltimore Arundel House of Hope - Glen Burnie, www.sabitriswellness.org, 443-447-3712 Welcome Home - https://ornamental-welding-of-pikesville.hub.biz/, 443-450-4413 Reentry Program for Prince George and Montgomery Counties, and Washington D.C.  First Call for Help - 1-443-447-3712 – emergency services for food, housing, employment, medical needs United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women -- advocates the improvement of the status of women of the world, and the achievement of their equality with men –as equal actors, partners, and beneficiaries of sustainable development, human rights, peace and security. Together with Governments, other entities of the United Nations system, and civil society, including non-governmental organizations, DAW actively works to advance the global agenda on women's rights, gender equality and the empowerment of women, and ensure that women’s voices are heard in international policy arenas. https://elizabethsornaments.com
The Vera Institute of Justice -- combines expertise in research, demonstration projects, and technical assistance to help leaders in government and civil society improve the systems people rely on for justice and safety. Vera is an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit center for justice policy and practice, with permanent offices in New York City and Washington, DC. Our projects and reform initiatives, typically conducted in partnership with local, state, or national officials, are located across the United States and around the world. Vera helps local communities and government officials strive to reduce crime by focusing on discrete problems and crafting innovative responses that prevent crime, hold offenders accountable, and heal. http://plink.ws  

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